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Debbie's Recipes

Food is better when you make it with fresh, quality ingredients. View our great recipes and keep up-to-date with our bimonthly produce reports.

  • Greek Potato Salad (Patato Salata) 🥔🇬🇷-Fresh Connection
    November 22, 2019 Debbie Argyropoulos

    Greek Potato Salad (Patato Salata) 🥔🇬🇷

    Greek Patata Salata is incredibly easy to make and l almost had to think twice about sharing this recipe. Having said that, I thought many of our customers would really appreciate some tips on how to prepare a satisfying, healthy, potato salad, Greek Style 🇬🇷 This recipe...

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  • Theo's Oven Baked Chips 🥔-Fresh Connection
    May 13, 2019 Debbie Argyropoulos

    Theo's Oven Baked Chips 🥔

    The real secret to crispy oven chips, is pre-heating the oil, adding salt to the tray before you cook them and using brushed Sebago potatoes. Don't fret if they break when you turn them. These will end up being the best...

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