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Beetroot, rocket and feta salad 🌱-Fresh Connection

Beetroot, rocket and feta salad 🌱

This raw beetroot salad would have to be one of my favourite salads at the moment. It’s delicious, nutritious, good looking and soΒ EASY to make.Β  This balsamic dressing is one...

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Produce Report 🍊-Fresh Connection

Produce Report 🍊

This week we are looking at Citrus, Strawberries and the old favourite, Avocados Oranges - Cara Cara A$1.35 When the...

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Produce Report πŸ‹-Fresh Connection

Produce Report πŸ‹

Here are someΒ produceΒ tips and specials from Theo. You can buy these and many more quality fruit, vegetables and groceries instore...

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