EOSS Yoghurt

EOSS Yoghurt

Made by traditional methods handed down through three generations, combined with a modern twist, Eoss Yoghurt is unique, with a thick and creamy consistency, texture and deep flavour, without the yucky fillers and after-taste. 

Why is Eoss yoghurt so good?
Eoss is a strained, Greek yoghurt made from natural ingredients.

What does strained mean?
It means we strain out the whey – the milky liquid left over after fermentation. Some yoghurts add things like starch or gelatine to artificially thicken it up. But Eoss yoghurt is naturally thick and creamy.

Eoss yoghurt is also gluten free, permeate free and contains no preservatives, thickeners, additives or gelatine.

EOSS Yoghurt Raspberry Tub 500g
EOSS Yoghurt Passionfruit Tub 500g
EOSS Yoghurt Classic Tub 500g
EOSS Yoghurt Mango Tub 500g
EOSS Yoghurt Passionfruit Cup 190g
EOSS Yoghurt Skinny Tub 500g
EOSS Yoghurt Vanilla Bean Cup 190g
EOSS Yoghurt Mango Cup 190g
EOSS Yoghurt Classic Cup 190g
EOSS Yoghurt Raspberry Cup 190g
EOSS Yoghurt Passionfruit Tub 900g
EOSS Yoghurt Muesli Cup 190g