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🌿 Fennel, Rocket and Herb Salad

🌿 Fennel, Rocket and Herb Salad

🌿Beautiful, simple, fennel salad with herbs & almonds. I honestly think the herbs and simple vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil, really elevate this salad. You want to be able to taste the flavours of your greens. Loved by my special guests, so that’s why I’m sharing.

Fennel is also known as 🇬🇷máratho 🇮🇹finocchio


1 fennel bulb, shaved

150-200 g rocket

1- 2 handfuls basil, chives and mint

40 g toasted flaked almonds


2 tbsp dijon mustard

1 shallot, chopped

2 tbs white wine vinegar

5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp salt, or more

1/2 tsp caster sugar or honey (optional)


Trim and shave, or finely slice the fennel. Keep the fronds and include them in the salad.

Mix the fennel with the rocket and herbs.

Make the dressing by mixing the mustard, shallot, white wine vinegar, sugar. Mix well and test to see if it needs more salt, sugar or vinegar.

Pour the dressing into the salad, and toss everything well.

Sprinkle with the almonds.

Optional; you could also include sliced orange,  pear or pomegranate. 

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