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Asparagus Risotto using Ferron Carnaroli Rice 🌱Almost no stir

Asparagus Risotto using Ferron Carnaroli Rice 🌱Almost no stir

🇮🇹 For a quick delicious risotto, use FERRON Carnaroli or Vialone rice, made by 5 generations of the The Ferron Family in Italy. It doesn't need washing, hardly any stirring and it's free of pesticides. 

You can always change up your vegetables depending on what's in season or what you are feeling like. The method for the base can remain the same.

If you are a fan of brown rice, I also have an oven baked version you could try. It does take longer if you have time up your sleeve. Brown rice recipe here

This recipe serves about 4-6 people


  • 2 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)
  • 1 onion or 2-3 shallots, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed or diced
  • 2 cups Ferron Carnaroli Rice
  • 4 - 4.5 cups chicken or vegetable stock, simmering 
  • 250ml white wine
To Finish
  • 200g peas
  • 3-4 bunches asparagus, woody ends trimmed and cut into small pieces
  • 50g butter
  • 1 lemon, zest
  • 3 sprigs mint leaves 
  • Salt and black pepper, to taste
  • Parmesan cheese, grated 


  • Prepare asparagus by washing, trimming woody ends and cutting into small pieces. Keeping the spears intact. 
  • Heat EVO in a heavy-based pot and cook the onion and garlic until soft but not brown. 
  • Add the rice and stir with a wooden spoon until the rice is well coated with oil.
  • Add one cup white wine and stir until it has evaporated.
  • Add 4 cups of the simmering stock all at once and bring to the boil.
  • Turn down to a simmer (lowest setting), cover and cook for 14 minutes
  • While the rice is cooking, put your asparagus on a baking tray lined with baking paper, drizzle with oil. Add salt and pepper and bake for 10-15 mins at 200 C. You may also sauté your asparagus in a pan with extra virgin olive oil.
  • When the 14 mins are up, turn off the heat.
  • Determine the level of al dente and add more stock if required.
  • Add the butter, and peas. Stir gently for about 2 mins so that the peas get cooked by the steam. Finally stir in the asparagus, lemon zest and mint.
  • When most of the liquid is absorbed, it is ready.
  • Serve with lots of grated parmesan, add salt and pepper to taste.

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