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Dad's Oats - Traditional 750g


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Not certified organic , however we do not use herbicides or pesticides on the oat crop as it is growing in the paddock, or on the grain after it has been harvested. 
We do use fertilisers such as urea (for nitrogen ‘N’) and super (for phosphorus ‘P’) to ensure the nutritional quality of the oats is high, however because of this we can’t be certified organic.
One thing that we think is really important about our oats is that you know where they have come from, what processes they have been through and been exposed to.
We adopt best practice farming in order to be able to reduce exposure to chemicals. For example, pests (such as weevils) love to eat the oat grains after they have been harvested. We work to prevent this problem by using airtight sealed silos which prevents these pests from breeding/surviving. 

Most oats used for making rolled oats in the general market will contain oats treated by a variety of different toxic chemicals and gases. This is because those oat manufacturers aggregate the oats from all sorts of suppliers and farmers who use a variety of good and not so good practices.

Traditional Rolled Oats are created by steaming/stabilising de-hulled oat grains, known as oat groats. After steaming, these are flattened into rolled oat flakes to create Traditional Rolled Oats.

Traditional Rolled Oats have a delicious creamy/nutty texture when cooked and are great for breakfast as well as in your favourite muesli or baked creation!

Using the finest Echidna Oats known to grow in Australia, we produce Traditional Rolled Oats, Quick Oats and Groats. For five generations our family farm has grown oats which are nurtured from birth on the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges in Dad's Paddocks, North Central Victoria, Australia. 

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