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C Care, Bayciss & Community 🀝

C Care, Bayciss & Community 🀝

Remember Mattie from C-Care? He still visits weekly, but he's since become an entrepreneur making "Social Moments by Mattie". His cookies sell like hotcakes! They sell so fast that we can't even put them on our online store. I have never seen a product that get's more attention.

Listen to Matty & Ari here, talking about how our ripe fruit is turned into compote for hungry people. Thanks to C Care , nothing goes to waste.

Since Oct '21, Fresh Connection have given over $5,000 worth of premium quality fruit to BayCISS.Β made possible with the help of donated customer loyalty points.
If you have donated in the past, you can always change your mind and start using your points. Just let me know by sending a message to, or letting staff know in store.
Sacred Heart Mission
Fresh Connection close for three weeks after Christmas. There is always a lot of fresh produce left, so Theo and his boys take it Sacred Heart Mission in St. Kilda, where it is received with much appreciation.

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