Seasonal Fruit Box (Regular)

$75.00 per box

Fresh Connection fruit box is made with the highest quality seasonal produce. It is the perfect gift for any occasion including mums with new bubs, friends coming home after a hospital visit, birthdays or just to say thank you to someone for doing something special for you. 

Items that may be included:

  • Oranges 🍊
  • Apples 🍎
  • Fresh Berries 🍓
  • Bananas 🍌
  • Melons 🍈
  • Pineapple 🍍
  • Mango
  • Stone fruit 🍑
  • Grapes 🍇
  • Cherries 🍒
  • Pears 🍐
  • Kiwis 🥝

Items included are dependent on seasonal availability. If there are specific items you would like added or removed from the box please let us know via the note and delivery information on the cart page.

We use a good quality produce box and do not wrap with cellophane and ribbons in an effort to minimise our global footprint. The box still looks colourful and beautiful and anyone receiving it will be thrilled. You can select a high quality wooden box for an extra $29 which is great for a gift.