PGF Premium Tarragon Vinegar 250mL

Tarragon is a perennial herb that has a well-defined, bittersweet flavour, and a strong aroma. It has been used to flavour a variety of dishes, from eggs, to soups, to a simple tarragon chicken salad. Use it fresh, or dried, it has a wonderful effect and the ability to beautifully flavour a variety of food recipes. Tarragon vinegar is simply vinegar prepared with tarragon leaves. Again, it has been used in a variety of preparations to add a delicious, subtle flavour to them. It can be used in a chicken, fish, turkey or pork marinade, but is primarily used as a salad dressing.
Ingredients: White Wine Vinegar, Tarragon bough, Tarragon flavour. Contqins sulphites.
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