The Spice People Star Anise Whole 18g

$2.99 each

Star Anise whole also known as Chinese anise, native from the southwest China and used in Chinese and southeast Asian cuisines as Vietnamese cooking. Star anise, is a star shaped fruit that is considered an essential ingredient in Chinese duck and pork recipes. Its liquorice-like flavour is similar to that of aniseed and fennel. It has a slightly stronger flavour and aroma than the regular anise and it has the similar sweet and licorice flavour as the Spanish anise seed. Due to its beautiful star shaped form with eight points and deep dark reddish brown hue, it is an attractive garnish. It has a sweet warm, clovey, liquorice flavour and deep aroma. Used to add flavour to tea, soups, stir fries and curries, while the ground star anise is a dominant ingredient in Chinese five-spice powder.