PGF Premium Red Wine Vinegar 250mL

$5.49 each
The quality of this vinegar can vary widely, depending on the quality of the starting ingredients and process. Chatel red wine uses only premium quality red wine to produce the best red wine vinegar. • Replace red wine vinegar with fatty and cholesterol-rich foods for healthful eating and to help with weight management. Red wine vinegars are typically low in, or have no, calories, carbohydrates or sodium. Use it on foods for the sharp flavour and as a way to decrease or eliminate the need for salt. Use red wine vinegar salad dressing instead of creamy or oil-rich dressings. Use red wine vinegar to marinate fish or meat dishes. Replace mayonnaise on sandwiches by marinating the meats or vegetables with red wine vinegar.
Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, Preservative: Sodium bisulphite