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Remedy Kombucha-Fresh Connection

Remedy Kombucha

In a nutshell, kombucha (pron: kom-boo-cha) is fermented tea. The traditional method of making kombucha – which we follow at Remedy – involves a natural fermentation of sweet tea, wild healthy bacteria and yeasts.

The result is a tasty drink with sweet and sour flavours that contains healthy, living cultures (aka good bacteria) and organic acids that are good for your gut and overall wellbeing.

People around the world have been making and enjoying kombucha for thousands of years. Ask around. We bet you’ll find you know someone who has been brewing their own booch forever!

  • Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon 330mL-Remedy Kombucha-Fresh Connection

    Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon 330mL

    Familiar yet new; a classic with a twist. A low-sugar, guilt-free take on ginger beer. Hot and sour; fiery and tangy. The perfect tummy-tamer.

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