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Henry Langdon

In 1852, young London merchant Henry Joseph Langdon set sail for the colony of Australia with his wife and infant son. Gold had been discovered near Melbourne the previous year and demand for wares of all sorts was high.

Henry Langdon arrived with household supplies to sell, including champagne, chocolate and brandy.

By the late 1800s, Henry Langdonโ€™s range of imported goods had expanded to include products as diverse as matches, honey soap, castor oil, cocoa, china and crystal.

In the 1900s, H J Langdon & Co began to specialise inย tea, herbs,ย spices, pickles, olive oil, essences and preserved ginger.

The merchant tradition continues today with the launch of Henry Langdon as a specialist food brand, the fifth generation.

  • HENRY LANGDON English Breakfast Tea - 100g-Henry Langdon-Fresh Connection

    HENRY LANGDON English Breakfast Tea - 100g

    A classic blend of premium Indian Black teas. A robust brew to enjoy all day with or without milk.

  • HENRY LANGDON Earl Grey - 100g-Groceries-Henry Langdon-Fresh Connection

    HENRY LANGDON Earl Grey - 100g

    A traditional blend of premium Indian black tea with fragrant bergamot.

  • HENRY LANGDON Sea Salt Rub Smoked Paprika and Basil - 180g-Groceries-Henry Langdon-Fresh Connection

    HENRY LANGDON Sea Salt Rub Smoked Paprika and Basil - 180g

    For a spanish experience, add to your barbeque meats with a drizzle of olive oil.

  • HENRY LANGDON Peppermint - 35g-Henry Langdon-Fresh Connection

    HENRY LANGDON Peppermint - 35g

    Henry Langdon has sourced the best quality peppermint leaves you can use to make a refreshing tea that is just as satisfying hot or cold.

  • $12.99

    Henry Langdon Pure Cocoa - 160g

    Exactly that, 100% Pure Dutch Cocoa Powder. The deep brown contours reveal a distinctive chocolate bouquet and upon tasting, an intense chocolate f...

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  • $12.99

    HENRY LANGDON Middle Eastern Spice Rub - 115g

    Also known as roastedย spice. A fragrant blend of earthy Middle Eastern spices with cumin, coriander, fennel, chilli, ginger, paprika, combined with...

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