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🇬🇷 Pastitsio the Kali Orexi Way

🇬🇷 Pastitsio the Kali Orexi Way

Why is pastitsio my comfort food?

When I was 19, my mother lost her desire and ability to cook and was in a depressive state. She had just lost her son, my brother Philip, aged 23. He was caught in a rip and drowned at Gunnamatta back beach.

At some stage, I had a craving for pastitsio in the difficult months (and years) to follow. I knew that my mother couldn’t make it for me, even though I secretly wished she could, because that meant that perhaps she was getting better. 

The best my mother could do was to ask my auntie Katerini to make me this dish. She brought me a tray of pastitsio. This is what we call the language of love through cooking. I will never forget that gesture of love from both my auntie, and my mother. Pastitsio is now my ultimate comfort food. 

Almost 60, I finally had the courage to make this dish all on my own. Every time I look at pastitsio, I think of Debbie at 19 but I am no longer sad. I am happy about how far I have come in my healing. 

The recipe I use comes from Kali Orexi. I have adjusted the ingredients to 2/3 to suit my classic Scanpan large baking dish of dimension 39mm x 27mm (exterior measurement from edge to edge. I also did not add cloves to my meat sauce. Instead I like to add some allspice. I used Misko Pastitsio No 2 for my pasta (available on our website). 

If your dish is larger like the one in the original Kali Orexi recipe, you should go with the original ingredient list. Quantities and sizes of dishes matter!

This dish is a labour of love. It takes some time but it’s well worth the effort. I hope you enjoy as much as me!

Please find the recipe here.

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